Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Armadillos - they the keep popping up lately....

I'm going to break away from some of the monotony and discuss the recent flow of armadillos in my life. Three so far in the last month which, to be fair, does not sound like a lot but trust me on this. I don't really believe in rare spirit animal types. The reason being is because these animals will show up when they are supposed to - it's as simple as that. Obviously I am supposed to be helping armadillo types just as much as they are teaching and helping me in return. So what does this amazing animal offer me, you and the world? Well, first off, it teaches us about self-protection. What does that mean? Well, protecting yourself begins with understanding that you are worth protecting in all ways. The armadillo teaches us just how important it is to be self-aware of everything about you, your nature, your environment, and your higher self. It's a reminder to take care of yourself. Armadillo translates to "little armored one" and that armor is everything for these little burrowing animals. People who have armadillo as their spirit animal are quite adept at protecting themselves (and their loved ones) from negative situations and harsh energy. They curl up and hide away as a means of protecting their sensitive natures. If armadillo comes into your life (as it had mine) then it's time to evaluate yourself. Are you taking care of "numero uno"? Are you seeing yourself as important? Right now I am in a phase where I am examining all that it is to be me through my fox spirit. I have been taking inventory of myself: how is my health? how are my emotions being affected by people and my environment? am I surrounded by positive influences or am I still allowing that which does not serve me to be present in my life? These are just a few questions I have been asking about myself and I encourage those of you who are reading this to do so as well. Armadillos are small knights in armor (even if it isn't shining in a glorious chrome finish) and they come into my life right now to remind me that in order to take care of all that I want to take care of I need to start within. If armadillos have showed up in your life (whether through people's spirits or in your environment) rest assured that they are reminding you that you are important and worth it. Thank you, Armadillo people. P.S. In the photo there is a little dragonfly wing that fluttered down from "nowhere" and landed on my subject matter...(magic happens like this to me almost everyday!) Dragonfly message: pay attention to what you want to achieve in the long run and be wary of your thoughts during this transition. In my particular case I take it to mean that in order to achieve the goals I have set for myself I have to be consciously making an effort to be mindful of actions that would hinder my success. Each dragonfly wing moves independent of each other and just like this little gift suggests I too need to be more independent (which ties directly to the armadillo's messages). Have an armadillo story? Please share yours below in the comments or visit my FACEBOOK PAGE

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