Saturday, September 12, 2015

More on Spirit Animals...

The blog entries will continue! In the previous entry I wrote about what it is that I do and how it "works"; today I will continue the discussion and expand on my thoughts. People often ask me how long I've had the gift of reading spirit animals. The answer is: All my life... but I've only really known it was a gift for the last couple of years. My first entry explains how I stumbled into it but I know it was there my whole life because as I child I drew... a lot. If I had a collection of all those drawings it would be 98% animals. All kinds of animals. As I grew my drawings became more involved and soon the animals were representations of emotions I felt and ultimately the people who played important roles to me. I have always been an artist (now professionally) and I have always used animals as a means to convey my emotions, relationships, etc. It was no surprise that with my love of animals I pursued education in working with them. I've been blessed with a veterinary medicine background that has allowed me to come in contact with a variety of animals (not just domestic animals) and has given me a first hand look at their behavior. Today, in conjunction with all of my experiences, I can bring this to people to help them on a spiritual level. I'm so blessed to be a part of this! Tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 13th) I will be making a guest appearance on a very special online radio show hosted by a friend and teacher, Deb Bowen. I will be discussing what it is that I do and some of my experiences since I began this journey. The show will air at 9pm eastern (US) and can be listened to via clicking this link:

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