Monday, September 14, 2015

Radio Shows and the Power of Your Imagination

Thank you, again, to everyone who listened in last night to the radio show (PsychicTeachers with Deb Bowen). While the show started out bumpy with tech difficulties, we managed to get on and get rolling with all things spirit animal related. There were some great questions asked in the chat room during the show and I was happy to see people so enthusiastic about what I do. I also would like to thank Deb Bowen (and Samantha Fey) for having me on the show - it was fun and I hope to be back in the future. If you would like to listen in visit here and look up the archived show from last night: PsychicTeachers I want to expand on a little of what was discussed last night by writing about what it means to honor yourself by utilizing your animal. In my workshops, once everyone has their animal identified, I facilitate a couple of activities that help you understand how to connect and use your animal in everyday life. The most important thing in all of this is your imagination. Now before everyone gets upset and thinks things like "make-believe" and "not real" and "made-up", I want to explain that, in my personal experience, imagination is the key to intuitive work. The trick is to allow it to just flow rather than force the thought. For example a "forced thought" would be what would happen if I told you to imagine a car. An "allowed thought" would be when you tell me what kind of car or color it was without me describing one in the first place. Understand? Hopefully! In my workshop I will get everyone to take a deep breath, close their eyes and envision their animal in front of them. Once everyone nods that they can see that I tell them to mentally ask their animal to show them something. It could be anything. An object, a place, a color, a memory... anything. Once everyone has done that, I have them open their eyes and we discuss. The answers provide a profound look into the very being of each individual. I have had people say that their animal looked like they wanted to play, that their animal felt like it was hungry, that their animal was mad at them, that they were ignored, that they went to a place on a hill and overlooked a field. All sorts of answers. It was in these answers that we found out the nature of the connection between a person and their higher self. In these answers I could help people realize that just by letting go of your own thoughts and re-focusing them into the form of an animal in their imagination they could get answers to the very questions they were asking in their journey to self discovery. That's just the beginning, though. As I continue my entries we will discuss things further. Bear with me... (<---see what I did there? *snort*) In the mean time, to the right you should be able to see ways to get in touch with me or you can ask questions about what I have written in my entry below in the "comments" section. I will do what I can to answer any basic questions however I will ask that if you are asking about any personal spirit animal questions you direct those to me privately (e-mail) and adhere to my professional business ethics and pricing. If you would like to follow me on Facebook my page can be found here: OUT OF A FOX MOUTH FACEBOOK PAGE

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  1. Dear Fox! Hope all is well with you. I just heard you on Psychicteachers. As of semi recently I have been getting deeper in touch with my intuition and spritis. Additionally, I often like to play the game with family friends co workers or who ever... "If you were an animal what animal would you be" I typically get really great reactions when I tell people what I feel they would be. But I never thought much of it. The phrase "spirit animal" came into my life quite a few time in the past week or so... Then the podcast happen with you as the guest! All signs are pointing in the direction of spirit animals, so my question is, do you have any good books you suggest about finding your spirit animal, or growing your ability to guide others or read others spirit animal? Thanks a bunch!