Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Spirit Animals: A Blogging Journey Begins...

For the past two and a half years I have been deeply humbled by my experiences as a Spirit Animal reader at 'Mystic Elements' in Wilmington, North Carolina. In those years people from all over have been asking me to write a book chronicling my workshops, my readings, and all the information I have been privy to. While that is something I would like to make happen in the future I will begin with a blog where you can all take part in my journey of discovery as I find more and more beautiful animal souls and how we all have our parts on this great big planet, Earth. So, where to begin? I suppose I will begin with what a Spirit Animal is and how I came to find out my "gift". A Spirit Animal (as far as my work is concerned) is an animal that represents the energy associated with your soul (also known as your higher self). My gift "shows" me an animal that best fits your "vibe" and presto! you have a spirit animal. Does it mean you have an animal floating around your head or that you are an animal? No. It means that the Great Spirit (God, Goddess, , etc.) has blessed me with a unique gift not associated with any cultural or religious practices that allows me to help people find themselves through an animal that best represents all aspects of who they are regardless of their upbringing, social status, etc. So, in a nutshell your spirit animal will be able to help you understand how you perceive social interactions, how you problem solve, what your expectations in relationships are, your energy focuses, and sometimes why your body isn't responding to specific diets. It'll tell you what you are prone to attracting into your life and tell you why some other people give you a bad vibe. It can help you look at yourself on a deeper level so that the person you see in the mirror disappears and you can work on a soul level. Still following? Good, because there will be lots more to cover when we start delving into animal types and behavior. But now the question might be: "Kimberley, How did you find out your were a spirit animal reader?" Well to answer that truthfully, it was by accident. When I started working at "Mystic Elements" I was lucky to be surrounded by a plethora of gifted individuals who have been professional intuitives for a number of years. They would tell me I was gifted daily and help me understand card readings, using your gut instincts, etc. And while I settled into the basic psychic abilities well I still didn't really believe I had any special "powers". But one afternoon we got a shipment of books in and there happened to be a couple on spirit animals. Because of my education in Veterinary Science and my love of animal behavior it became a game to figure out what everyone's animals were. I would say "You would be an alligator" then I would tell them why and we would look up alligator and it would be uncannily on point. It was eerie and fun but I never thought much of it until someone suggested I try it with strangers. One of my first strangers came in soon after and through the coaxing of my co-workers I approached them telling them that I might have this gift. The animal I saw was a mole. Lesson 1: Never underestimate any animal's worth. But here I was thinking in my head "How do I tell this beautiful, tall young woman that her soul looks like a mole?". Well, I began by telling her attributes of moles. Moles are sensitive beings who require fresh air, positive energy, and peace and quiet. This translated to her needing boundaries in her relationship, positive attitudes, and space to herself. Moles are thought to have poor eyesight and so she would have issues seeing things for what they are instead of what she felt. Then I asked her if she enjoyed the dark and sleeping completely under the blankets. She was surprised and said, "Yes". I asked if she liked gardening and her response was also a yes. I said, "Your spirit animal is a mole". She blinked a couple times and smiled really big and said, "That makes sense - some of my favorite TV shows are mining and gem shows." Since then she has endured some trying situations where she had to sort through her emotions versus the realities of what other "animals" were doing around her. I told her that sometimes you have to dig deeper to be safer - if you are too close to the surface of situations then you are vulnerable to predator situations. She told me that sometimes she takes a deep breath and visualizes her little mole soul beside her which reminds her of who she is. There is strength in a mole's 'hands' - she could be a great hands on healer. I hope that she is doing well where she is right now and gardening as the temperatures wind down for the fall season. After my first official "stranger" I was catapulted into a sea (or forest, or desert, or jungle, etc.) of animals. I am so lucky to be a part of this. Today I am still at "Mystic Elements" and I offer hour long Spirit Animal Readings and Spirit Animal Workshops to help people "find" themselves again. When I'm not doing that I continue to work as an artist making creatures and faeries for my business "The Goblin Bazaar" and when I'm not doing that I'm a special effects make-up artist for military and security training. Sometimes in between of all of that you'll find me dressed as my alter-ego "Fox" at conventions around the country. But we'll talk more about my animal another time. Have private questions? You can email me: thegoblinbazaar@yahoo.com

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